Dear customers,

Please take note that before we proceed with your domain transfer, the following steps have to be performed.

  1. Please unlock the domain name.
  2. Please remove Privacy Protection service for this domain name so that our Registrar is able to view the domain info from Whois.
  3. Please confirm that you are able to access the Admin Contact email (
    If NO, please change the admin contact email to the email address that you can access because the domain transfer approval email will be sent to the admin contact address. You will need to reply to that email to activate the approval.
  4. Please provide us the domain EPP Code for the abovesaid domain name. You can get it from your current Domain Service Provider (XXXX) or Registrar (XXXXX).
    EPP Code (also known as transfer secret or authentication code) is similar to a password and is used for authorizing domain name transfer to another service provider.
    It is necessary for us to have this EPP Code in order for us to transfer your domain name to us.
  5. List item number three has some text to go along with it too, what did you expect?


Please take note that this domain name has been registered recently on XXX 2013 and is not 60 days old yet.
Universal domain transfer rule is that a domain name can only be transferred 60 days after it was registered.

Keep your personal information PRIVATE!

A lesson in domain registration, as soon as you register a domain with any registrar, your personal information will be displayed in a public directory. Email robots, hackers and spammers often search the web to extract such information to compile email lists and steal domains.