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We have witnessed many cases of data loss due to wrong or no data backup. Your data should never be backed up in the same dedicated server where it is originally kept. Regardless of whether it is RAID 1, 5 or 10 the possibility of data loss will remain if the server crashes. The best way to avoid data loss is to choose Cloud Network Storage as a proper backup.
R1Soft Data Backup
Backup as a server Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
100GB Space FREE 20
200GB Space FREE 30
500GB Space FREE 45
1000GB Space FREE 60
Offsite Data Backup - Data Security Protection # 2
Up to 1000GB. All data will be backed up into external storage and stored offsite. This will provide the highest security of your data.
Offsite Data Backup (Disaster Recovery) Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Daily Backup FREE 90
Weekly Backup FREE 60
Monthly Backup FREE 30
Size (GB) Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee
500GB HD Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
500GB HD Free 10
1000GB HD Free 15
2TB HD Free 30
73GB SAS HD Free 20
146GB SAS HD Free 30
Hardware RAID 5 (Min.3HD) Free 10
Hardware RAID 10 (Min.4HD) Free 10
SmarterMail Pro Edition Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
SmarterMail Professional Edition 11.x 250 Mailbox License Free 299
SmarterMail Professional Edition 11.x 500 Mailbox License Free 499
SmarterMail Professional Edition 11.X 1,000 Mailbox License Free 699
SmarterMail Professional Edition 11.X 2,000 Mailbox License Free 899
SmarterMail Professional Edition 11.X Unlimited Mailbox License Free 1099
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 11.X250 Mailbox License Free 499
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 11.X500 Mailbox License Free 699
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 11.X1000 Mailbox License Free 899
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 11.X2,000 Mailbox License Free 1099
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition 11.X Unlimited Mailbox License Free 1399
MailEnable Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
MailEnable Standard Free 49
MailEnable Pro V3.5 Free 320
MailEnable Enterprise V3.5 Free 630
Item Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Each Additional IP Free 3 per month
Remote KVM Port Free 10 per month
Remote Reboot Port Free 10 per month
Network Port Free 10 per month
Network Card & Port Free 20 per month
Control Panel Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Plesk Linux/Windows License (10 domains) Free 10
Plesk Linux/Windows License (30 domains) Free 22
Plesk Linux/Windows License (100 domains) Free 32
Plesk Linux/Windows License (Unlimited domains) Free 50
cPanel + WHM Premier Metal (Up to 100 accounts) ON SALE! Free 39.50
Fantastico License for cPanel Free 58/yr
DirectAdmin Linux (Unlimited domains) Free 18
Add Software Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
MS SQL 2005 / 2008 Processor License Free 290
Power Pack Free 13
SiteBuilder 100 Sites Free 17
SiteBuilder 300 Sites Free 49
RVSitebuilder < 20 Free 7
RVSitebuilder < 50 Free 6.50
RVSitebuilder < 200 Free 6
RVSitebuilder < 300 Free 5.50
RVskin Free 2
Operating Systems Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Fedora Core Free -
Centos Free -
Ubuntu Free -
Debian 50 -
Free BSD 50 -
SUSE 50 -
Windows Server 2003/2008 - Web Edition Free 20
Windows Server 2003/2008 - Standard Processor License Free 25
Windows Server 2003/2008 - Enterprise Processor License Free 90
Windows Server 2008 - Data Center License Free 360
Windows XP Free 20
OS Re-Installation 50 one-time fee -
OS Re-Installation with Control Panel 90 one-time fee -
Hardware firewalls offer virus scanning, application layer DDoS attack prevention and VPN capabilities.
Firewall Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Cisco ASA5505 Dedicated Firewall Free 99
Linksys VPN Dedicated Firewall Free 49
Managed Service Level Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Bronze Free Free
Silver Free 50
Gold Free 100
Platinum Free 200
Software Type Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Linux Server Security - Anti DDoS + Server Hardening Free 100 (one-time fee)
ClamWin (Windows) Free 10
Norton Anti-Virus (Windows) Free 20
TrusPort Total Protection (Windows) Free 25
Technical Support Setup Fee (USD) Monthly Fee (USD)
Office Hours Free 30/hr
After Office Hours Free 50/hr
Each Shinjiru server acts as a DNS server for maximum flexibility and full control. Shinjiru will point the primary and secondary domain name servers to the IP address free of charge.
Shinjiru offers custom servers to meet your needs. Get your own custom-built server! If you require a special configuration please contact our sales team for a quote.

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Shinjiru dedicated servers offer consistent performance and maximum security.

Fully control

Total control

VPS flexibility and control, plus single-tenant power. It’s the ultimate in dedicated hosting, with or without setup an easy-to-use control panel and managed services.
High performance servers

High performance servers

Lightning-fast SSD storage. Multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors. Enterprise-class network equipment with Gigabit ethernet. It all adds up to high-powered server hardware.

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