Dedicated Server OS & Control Panel

Operating systemsMonthly Fee (USD)Yearly Fee (USD)
Debian50.00 one-time setup fee-
Free BSD50.00 one-time setup fee-
SUSE50.00 one-time setup fee-
Windows Server 2012, Standard 50600
Windows Server 2012, Data Center7208,640
Windows Server 2016, Standard25.50306
OS Re-Installation50.00 one-time fee-
OS Re-Installation with Control Panel90.00 one-time fee-

MS SQL License

MS SQL licenseSetup Fee (USD)Yearly Fee (USD)
MS SQL Server Express Edition50FREE
MS SQL Server Web Edition (Core License)FREE20.00/4 cores
MS SQL Server Standard Edition (Core License)FREE290.00/4 cores
MS SQL Server Enterprise Edition (Core License)FREE1,100.00/4 cores

Control Panels

Linux/Plesk/CentOS LicenseMonthly (USD)
Linux-cPanel Up to 100 Accounts (Only applicable in CentOS)25.50
LINUX - DirectAdmin Unlimited Domains Edition19.50
Plesk 30 Domains Web Pro Edition12.50
Plesk Unlimited Domains Web Host Edition28.50
CentOS Web Panel (Only applicable for Linux only)50.00 one-time setup fee

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Shinjiru dedicated servers offer consistent performance and maximum security.
Fully control

Total control

VPS flexibility and control, plus single-tenant power. It’s the ultimate in dedicated hosting, with or without setup an easy-to-use control panel and managed services.
High performance servers

High performance servers

Lightning-fast SSD storage. Multi-core hyper-threaded Intel processors. Enterprise-class network equipment with Gigabit ethernet. It all adds up to high-powered server hardware.

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