Our Affiliates can just start earning money without lifting a finger! Start to recommend and refer our web hosting services and you will earn up to USD420 for every sales generated under your affiliate account.


1. What do I need to become an affiliate?

Nothing! Except your desire to be an affiliate. You don't even need a website (although having your own website helps). You can promote our product via search engines (Learn how), postings in internet forums, tweeting, posting link on facebook, LinkedIn, or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your affiliate link to our product. If you have own website, just put it would be better! All you need to do is to send a visitor to our site via a special link (called 'affiliate link'), and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get up to USD460 of the sale value.

2. How does Shinjiru Affiliate Program work?

Shinjiru affiliate uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, system registers this referral and places cookie on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, affiliate system checks for cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits the commission to your affiliate account. This process is absolutely automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

3. How do I set up an account?

All you need to sign up go to the Signup Form and fill it out. After a review from our affiliate manager, you will receive email with your password and other information. As our affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred, news and training materials, and choice of banners and text links. Then you only need to place an affiliate link, banner, text link or other link at your web site or place ads in pay-per-click search engines, so you can start sending customers to our website.

4. How much will I earn?

Commission will be credited as per advertise by Shinjiru. *From time to time, Shinjiru might adjust the rate without any prior notice.

5. What is the minimum payable amount?

The minimum payout is USD150.

6. What is the payment method used for the commission payment?

Affiliate commission will be make via PayPal. All affiliate need to provide the right PayPal account information during the registration. *Shinjiru International Inc. will not be held reponsible for any wrong banking details information given.

7. When will the payment be made?

Payment will be made after 60 days via PayPal to the account that you provided.

8. Do I need to host with Shinjiru to be your affiliate partner?

No. You do not necessary need to have a hosting account with Shinjiru to become our affiliate partner.

9. Do I need multiple affiliate accounts if I’m advertising on multiple sites?

No. You do not need to have multiple affiliate accounts. You just need to use the same account links / banners and paste the code to the multiple websites that you have. They work fine for either single or multiple websites.

10. What type of hosting plan will be paid to affiliate partners?

At the moment, affiliate commission is paid for confirmed orders for Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Semi Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, Virtual Desktop and many more.For more information, please refer to our affiliate page HERE.

11. Is the hosting plan purchase includes charges for domain name registration?

It depends on the hosting plan purchased. For package where domain name is purchased separately, the domain registration fee is not payable to the affiliate partner.

12. What happen for next year hosting renewal?

It is not applicable for renewal.

13. Can I earn commissions on extra add on services purchase by the customers refer by me?

No. Commissions are offered on new shared hosting account purchase only. Renewals and all other add-on services are not eligible for commissions.

14. Besides the links and banners, any other ways to provide others the link to purchase?

Yes! You may login to your affiliate panel and provide them the affiliate link and ask them paste in the address bar of the browser prior purchase. However, we still recommend you to place Shinjiru's links or banners within your website. That way, you'll receive a pleasant commission for your secret referral.

15. Can I use my own affiliate links and banner to make purchase and earn the commission?

No. Affiliate commission does not apply to the sales purchase through your affiliate link and generated under your account.

16. I'm a reseller, can I sign up as an affiliate ?

No, you can't. Any orders made through an affiliate link will not qualify further for a reseller's discount.

17. Can we claim Affiliate Commission for any website content?

No. There are certain websites that is not applicable for Affiliate Commission. Please understand that Affiliate Program is generated so that you can earn high commission as the introducer and Shinjiru only earns revenue from renewal. If the website is determined to be a short-term website, Shinjiru reserved the rights not to pay Affiliate Commission.

18. What must I do NOW?

Few simple steps:
1. Go to the Signup Form
2. Fill out the form
3. Receive your password and other info by email
4. Log in to your own affiliate panel and choose from various banners, text links, reviiews and other promotional materials
5. Place some of these banners/links onto the Home page of your website and as many pages as you want, to increase your sales
6. Receive 30% commissions from every sale!